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Distressed Status:
Include Properties Include, exclude, or show only properties with Distressed Status - Available for MA, CT, RI and NH.
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Mortgage Parameters:
Lender Select a lender to narrow your search. You may select up to 3 lenders at one time by selecting ctrl + c
Mortgage Type Option to view only the latest mortgages instead of all.
Mortgage Price
FromTo Enter a numeric value, i.e. 250000.
Mortgage Date
FromTo Enter a date range in this format, mm/dd/yyyy, i.e. 02/07/1998.
Mortgage Histories
Option to include mortgage histories.
Sales & Value Parameters:
Sale Price
FromTo Enter a numeric value, i.e. 250000.
Sale Date
FromTo Enter a date range: mm/dd/yyyy, i.e. 02/07/1998.
Assessed Value
FromTo Enter a numeric value, i.e. 237400.
Property Characteristics:
Property Use
Use Codes
Use Codes - Alphabetical
MA DOR Use Codes
MA Update
Building Style
Style Codes CT Update
Living Area FromTo Enter a numeric value, i.e. 2711 sq ft.
Lot Size FromTo Enter a numeric value, i.e. 12378 sq ft/1.5 acres
Year Built FromTo Enter a year in this format, yyyy, i.e. 2003.
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