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Downloading Labels
When creating labels from an RE Records Search, you have the choice of downloading a file, or having it emailed to you. Select the method you prefer.

Open the file in Microsoft Word 97 or higher.
Rename and Save the file as something you will be able to find easily, such as RERSlist1.xls

Open Microsoft Word and a new, blank document.
From the Main Menu, click Tools and from its dropdown box select Mail Merge.

Follow the directions in the new dialog box.

Step 1: Main Document
Click Create button, then select Mailing Labels.
Click the Active Window button from the new window that appears.

Step 2: Data Source
Click Get Data button, then select Open Data Source.

Set your label options by choosing:
* a printer type that matches yours.
* the type of label you are printing. (Your label package has the information you need.)
Click OK button when you have finished.

Then a Create Labels box appears:

Highlight the fields you want - one at a time - and press Insert Merge Field button. After a field appears on the label template, press the Enter key to place the next field on the next line of the label. Put Owner 1 and Owner 2 on separate lines. A default eliminates a blank line from the label if Owner 2 is empty.

Put all three fields for City, State and Zip on the same line of the label with at least one space between each field. The Post Office prefers no punctuation. Click OK button when you are finished formatting. Save that document so you can use it in the future.

Step 3: Merge
The default options showing should be fine, but you may change them if you want to.
When finished, click on Merge.

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