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The old Real Estate Records Search platform is scheduled to be retired on 1/31/2019 and will no longer be available after that date. Passwords or email addresses changed for the new platform may not be valid on this old site - please use the "FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD" link to have it emailed to you or call us at 617.896.5388 or email for any assistance.

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Welcome to New England's largest and most comprehensive real estate property and transaction database. Start your property valuation research with RE Records Search today.

Add credibility to your analyses with:

  • FMV Consideration Sales Comps, which also include FSBO's, foreclosures, non-denomination sales, and more
  • The proper due-diligence needed with ALL properties in the Northeast
  • The ability to select from all residential, commercial, industrial, and other property types
  • Professional statistics and reports to reinforce your market analyses
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Powered by The Warren Group, RE Records Search is built upon public and hard-to-get housing data and mortgage transactions. Collected daily, the data is scrubbed and verified using our multiple state-of-the-art technology.

Try us out for a month and see for yourself just how easy it is to access full-market data.

New Enhancements for Better Analyses

  • Historical Assessment Report: Find annual assessments by fiscal year, building characteristics and property information.
  • Mortgage Report: (Beta) Find the history of mortgages including the mortgage amount, mortgagee, recording number, origination and discharge dates, and more.
  • Legal & Vesting Report: Find tax information, a legal description and the full transaction history.
  • Involuntary Lien Report: (Beta) Find all involuntary liens on the property in question.

Benefits of RE Record Search:

  • Examine 25+ years of property, sales, price trends and foreclosures with flexible search capabilities.
  • View search results by Bing Maps and identify nearby properties that can influence value.
  • Locate nearby foreclosures and filter distressed properties from your search.
  • Download lists and labels so you can contact potential customers that need your service most.
  • Add credibility and support to your opinion.
  • Talk with a customer service at any time to help you dig deeper.
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