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Check out our new added value reports located at the top of your property search results page:

Mortgage Report - Comprehensive mortgage history for your chosen property including originations, assignments and discharges where available in MA, CT, and RI.

Legal & Vesting Report - Instantly verify property ownership and view a derived legal description of the property.

Building Permit Report - - Recent building permit activity for MA, CT, and RI.

New Added Value Reports:

In order to view an added value report, you must first complete a property record search. The report buttons will be at the top of the search result.

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RE Records Search is New England's largest and most complete real estate database. Get the whole story on any property in New England, including sales, foreclosure filings and property characteristics.


  • Examine 25+ years of property sales, price trends and foreclosure statistics. Add credibility and support your opinion.
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